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    Commonly used valves for sewage treatment

    Posted by Bundor valve

    1.Primary sedimentation tank: monitor and control the operation parameters and state of sludge tank, sludge digestion tank, sludge dehydrator and drying equipment. Sludge tank contains wear granular media such as metal chips, which is easy to cause wear on valve sealing.
    Optional valve: Three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve, Y strainer, Cast steel swing check valve, Cast steel gate valve.

    2.Regulating tank: the regulation of water quantity and water quality, the control of sewage PH value, water temperature, reduction of toxic impact, pre-aeration effect, can also be used as accident drainage.
    Optional valve: Cast steel globe valve, knife gate valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, cast steel swing check valve.

    3.Anaerobic tank: use anaerobic bacteria to hydrolyze, acidify and methane to remove organic matter from sewage and improve the biodegradability of sewage, which is beneficial to subsequent aerobic treatment.
    Optional valve: Worm gear wafer butterfly valve, rubber disc check valve, outside stem soft seal gate valve, Q41F ball valve.

    4.Aerobic pool: the waste water to be treated, after being oxygenated, flows through the filler at a certain flow rate and interacts with the biofilm, which work together with the suspended active mud, so as to achieve the function of purifying the waste water.
    Optional valve: Soft sealing butterfly valve, lengthened stem to clip butterfly valve, soft sealing non-rising stem gate valve, expansion butterfly valve.

    5.Secondary sedimentation tank: removing sand grains or other inorganic particles of high gravity in water.
    Optional valve: Soft seal ball valve, soft seal wide rubber cover butterfly valve, cast iron seal non-rising stem gate valve, diaphragm valve.

    6.Uv disinfection pool: a pool for storing and purifying water to meet the chlorination contact time.
    Optional valve: Expansion butterfly valve, knife gate valve, motorized butterfly valve, cast steel swing check valve.

    7.Mud concentration pond: remove a lot of water in the sludge, reduce the volume of the sludge, in order to facilitate subsequent sludge dewatering treatment.
    Optional valve: Worm gear soft-seal butterfly valve, motorized gate valve, three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve, Q14H ball valve.