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    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve1
    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve2
    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve3
    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve4
    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve1 SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve2 SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve3 SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve4

    SS304/316 Body Butterfly Valve

    【Size Range】: DN50-DN150

    【Pressure】: PN6/10/16、5/10K、CL150、Table D/E

    【Body Materials】: SS304

    【Seat Materials】: EPDM/NBR

    【Disc Materials】: SS304/SS316/C954

    【Stem Materials】: 420/SS304/SS316



    Applicable medium:Water and neutral liquid

    Suitable temperature:- 20 ~ 120 ℃

    Application field: Water supply and drainage, water treatment, water conservancy projects, etc.

    Product advantages:

    1.Bundor patent products, patent certification.

    The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards for multiple pressures, easy connection and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.

    2.The thickness of valve body wall is up to standard.

    The valve body wall thickness meets the requirement of GB 26640, the thickness is up to the standard, and the pressure strength is guaranteed.

    3.Stainless steel body for more complex operating conditions

    Stainless steel body, stronger strength, better toughness, good corrosion resistance, can be used in more complex conditions, better resistance to high and low temperature performance.

    4.Good sealing and long service life of valve seat

    The valve seat is made of imported rubber material, with more than 50% rubber content; Elongation at break greater than 350%, valve sealing reliable, long life.

    5.Stainless steel butterfly plate is corrosion resistant

    Stainless steel plate, better corrosion resistance, more beautiful.

    6.The product has an independent identity to ensure traceability

    Each Bundor product has its own QR code mark, unique identification number, to ensure product traceability.

    7.Provide material inspection report

    All Bundor products can provide the material inspection report of the main parts.

    8.As for the products of Bundor, they are insured by the Pacific insurance company with the quality of 10 million yuan, and the warranty lasts for 2 years. If they are damaged within two years, they will be

    compensated for the product's quality problem without any conditions.


    Parts 1   2   3   4   5  
    Name Body   Seat   Disc   Stem   Handle  
    Material SS304   EPDM   SS304   420   DI  
    Size   L L1 L2 ΦD1 ΦD2 PN 10   PN 16  
    DN NPS(inch)           ΦK n-Φd ΦK n-Φd
    50 2" 43 71 129 73.3 87.1 125 4-Φ18 125 4-Φ18
    65 2 1/2" 46 79 136 86 100.4 145 4-Φ18 145 4-Φ18
    80 3" 46 95 153 100.9 116 160 8-Φ18 160 8-Φ18
    100 4" 52 110 167 132 147.6 180 8-Φ18 180 8-Φ18
    125 5" 56 122 193 156 172 210 8-Φ18 210 8-Φ18
    150 6" 56 141 209 185.4 202 240 8-Φ22 240 8-Φ22


    Aluminium Handle Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Pinless Disc Butterfly Valve

    Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

    Pneumatic Flanged Butterfly Valve

    Motorized Flanged Butterfly Valve

    Electric Butterfly Valve

    PTFE Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Semi PTFE-lined Butterfly Valve



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