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    Introduction Of Central Heating

    In order to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline and promptly remove the condensed water in the pipeline, the steam pipeline should be equipped with drainage and drainage devices. When the steam pipeline is in operation, due to the continuous heat dissipation (heat loss) along the transportation process, the steam will produce condensed water. The condensate in the steam main pipe is led to the condensate main pipe through the trap and then sent back to the condensate tank of the boiler room along the main pipe.

    The flow rate of steam in the main pipe is much faster than in the equipment, sometimes even more than 30m/s. At this time, if condensed water accumulates in the pipeline, it will be quickly brought up by the steam to form a water hammer, hit the pipeline wall and valve, and cause equipment damage or even personal injury.

    Bundor Valve provides you with boiler heating valve solutions.

    Bundor Valve Product Advantage

    Bundor valve is committed to provide the high quality valve products and considerate services for the society. Bundor valve has an irreplaceable advantages, was founded in 1994, more than 20 years of research and development production experience, has 102 patent certificate, 5000㎡ production workshop, and equipped with a valve industry leading intelligent testing center, to ensure the qualified rate of valve quality. At the same time to solemnly promise to customers, Bundor valve two years warranty. Because the product itself quality question, the unconditional compensation.

    General Configuration List
    1 Soft seal gate valve PN16 DI body,DI+EPDM disc set
    2 Compensator PN16 304 body,304 flange set
    3 Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve PN16 DI body,DI disc,EPDM seat set
    4 Globe Valve PN16 304 body,304 disc,EPDM seat set
    5 Y-Strainer PN16 DI body set
    6 Rubber Joint PN16 304 Flange,EPDM seat set
    7 Check valve PN16 DI body,DI disc set

    Boiler heating flow diagram

    Distribution Map Of Municipal Heating Valve


    Commonly used valves for sewage treatment

    Primary sedimentation tank: monitor and control the operation parameters and state of sludge tank