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    Precautions for valve use

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Improper use and operation of the valve will lead to valve damage and greatly shorten the service life of the valve; serious, irreversible production accidents may occur, endangering people or the environment. In this article, the editor of Bande Valve will briefly introduce some precautions for the use of valves for your reference.

    1. During use, the gate valve cannot be partially opened to adjust the flow, so as to avoid damage to the sealing surface when the medium flow rate is high, it should be fully opened or fully closed;
    2. When turning the handwheel on or off, it is not advisable to use other auxiliary levers;
    3. The transmission parts should be lubricated regularly; when the valve is used, oil should be often injected into the rotating part, and the trapezoidal thread part of the valve stem should be oiled.
    4. After being put into use, it should be regularly repaired, and the dirt in the inner cavity should be checked to check the sealing surface and the wear of the valve stem nut;
    5. When the weather is cold, the water valve is closed for a long time, and the water behind the valve should be removed. After the steam valve is stopped, the condensed water should also be removed.
    6. The bottom of the valve is like a plug, which can be opened to drain.
    7. Some non-metallic valves are hard and brittle, and some have low strength. When operating, the opening and closing force should not be too large, especially not violent. Also pay attention to avoid object collision.
    8. When the new valve is used, the packing should not be pressed too tightly, so as not to leak, so as to avoid too much pressure on the valve stem, speed up the wear and tear, and it is difficult to open and close.