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    Installation position of butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Q: Hello, Bunodr Valve, I would like to inquire about the installation position of the butterfly valve. Are there any requirements for the installation position of the butterfly valve? Is it can be installed vertically?
    A: wafer type butterfly valve and flange type butterfly valve can be installed vertically.

    When you install valve, you should choose a easy way for the operator.The lever or handwheel of butterfly valve is about 1.2 meters away from the operating horizon, which is almost to the chest position of an adult. This installation position is the most suitable for manual operation, and the switch will be more labor-saving.
    Do not install it too high, and let the operator operate with their heads up. If the pipeline is filled with acid, alkali, toxic media, etc., it will threaten the personal safety of the operator. The butterfly valve cannot be installed downward.
    In addition, there are some notes when installing butterfly valves:
    1. The inner port of the flange on the pipeline must be aligned and press the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve without using a sealing gasket. If the inner port of the flange deviates from the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve, water leakage from the valve stem or other external leakage will occur.
    2. Before fixing the valve, switch the valve plate several times to ensure that there is no jamming phenomenon before fully tightening the fixing nut. If there is jamming, the butterfly valve will not be able to be fully opened or closed, and the valve stem will be twisted and deformed by the actuator of the electric or pneumatic valve.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to install the butterfly valve and then weld the flange, otherwise the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve will be burned.
    4. When replacing the lower part of the electric or pneumatic butterfly valve, it must be assembled from the closed position to the closed position and the open position to the open position. After the whole machine is adjusted, it is installed on the pipeline.