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    which is better for 1 piece or 2 piece ball valve?

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Q: Hello, Bundor valve, which is better for 1 piece or 2 piece ball valve?
    A: One-piece ball valve is an integrated type composed of a ball, a PTFE ring, and a lock nut. The diameter of the ball is slightly smaller than pipeline. The two-piece ball valve is composed of two parts. The sealing effect is better than one-piece ball valve. The diameter of the ball is same with pipeline, easier to disassemble.

    The main difference is the seal of two-piece seal will be better, so the price will be more expensive.
    If you consider the cost more, choose one-piece ball valve. If you want good quality, choose two-piece ball valve.
    One-piece ball valve will be used in irrigation where the tightness requirements are not high. While the two-piece ball valve is mostly used in power plants and large engineering projects.