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    Types of ball valves

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of media in pipeline. Ball valve is widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipelines, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electric power, municipal, steel and other industries. Different ball valves will be used in different industries. How many types of ball valves are there? Bundor Valves will show you in this article.
    According to different classification methods, it can be divided into different types.

    According to the function, ball valve can be divided into bypass valve, air valve, pressure relief valve, drain valve;
    According to the driving method: ball valves can be divided into manual ball valves, pneumatic ball valves, electric ball valves, etc.;
    According to structure, ball valves can be divided into floating ball valves, fixed ball valves, orbital ball valves, V-shaped ball valves, and three-way ball valves;
    According to the valve body material, ball valves can be divided into cast iron ball valves, cast steel ball valves, stainless steel ball valves etc;
    According to the connection, ball valves can be divided into flange ball valves, screwed ball valves, welded ball valves etc;
    If you want to know the specific usage of various ball valves, or if you have ball valve inquiry, welcome contact us at any time.