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    What is?wafer??valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Wafer type is a connection method of the valve, that is, when installing on the pipeline, it is necessary to clamp the valve with two pieces of flanges, and then connect it with the flange on the pipeline. In addition, the common valve connection methods include flange type, clamp type, welding type, screw thread, etc., which we will introduce to you in the future. This article focuses on introducing you what the wafer connection valve has.
    Common wafer connection valves include wafer butterfly valve, wafer check valve, wafer knife gate valve. The following will introduce you one by one.
    Wafer Butterfly Valve

    According to operation method, it can be divided into: handle wafer butterfly valve, gearbox wafer butterfly valve, electric wafer butterfly valve, pneumatic wafer butterfly valve, etc.;
    According to the sealing surface material, it can be divided into: soft sealing wafer butterfly valve and hard sealing wafer butterfly valve;
    Wafer check valve

    Wafer check valve including wafer dual plate check valve, wafer swing check valve and wafer lift check valve;
    Wafer butterfly check valve: It is composed of valve body, valve disc, valve stem, torsion spring and rubber sealing ring. The butterfly lubricating disc is opened under the action of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet end to the outlet end. When the pressure in the inlet section is low At the outlet end, the valve disc is automatically closed under the action of the fluid pressure difference and the torsion spring, which prevents the liquid from flowing back.
    Wafer swing check valve: The disc and the rocker are connected together and can rotate around the pin at a certain angle. When the pipeline fluid flows in the specified direction (from left to right), the inlet pressure of the valve disc is higher than the outlet pressure. At this time, the valve disc is pushed away from the valve seat and rotates around the pin shaft to a certain position, and the valve is in an open state. When the pressure difference on both sides of the valve disc is reduced to a certain level, the valve disc falls and returns to the closed state. When the fluid flows from right to left, that is, reverse flow, the pressure on the right side of the valve disc is higher than the pressure on the left side, and the force generated by the pressure difference on both sides presses the valve disc on the valve seat, and the fluid cannot pass through, then the medium No reverse flow; and the greater the fluid pressure, the tighter the sealing surface is, and the better the sealing effect is.
    Wafer lift check valve: The valve disc moves up and down along the center. Due to the short closing stroke of the valve disc and the spring loading, the closing speed is fast, which can significantly reduce the water hammer phenomenon. The product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, sensitive action, reliable sealing, convenient installation, etc. It is especially suitable for occasions where the installation space is limited.
    Wafer knife gate valve

    The limitation of installation space is small, the working pressure is low, it is not easy to accumulate debris, and the price advantage is large. It is suitable for the medium containing suspended solid particles of no more than 5% in the liquid. It is suitable for waste water with various floating pollutants, sludge pollution control plants; lime slag and scale power plants, smelters, and sugar industries; Chemical plants with colloids, bulking agents, and sticky granules, wine-making industry, paper-making industry.