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    The difference between bi-directional?butterfly valve and unidirectional butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Q: What is the difference between bi-directional butterfly valve and unidirectional butterfly valve?

    Bundor valve: The difference between bi-directional butterfly valve and unidirectional butterfly valve is that the bi-directional butterfly valve can bear pressure in both directions, and the unidirectional butterfly valve can only bear the pressure in the one direction. If it reversed bear pressure in another direction, it will leak.
    The unidirectional butterfly valve refers to the flow direction of the medium after the front of the valve disc is closed; the medium on the pipeline installed by the unidirectional butterfly valve only flows in one direction, and the unidirectional butterfly valve body has a direction indicating the flow of the medium arrow, it should be noticed that the flow direction of the medium during installation. If the installation is reversed, it will cause internal leakage of the valve body.
    The bi-directional butterfly valve is not affected by the flow direction of the medium, and both sides of the butterfly plate can bear the pressure. During installation, it is not necessary to pay attention to the flow direction of the medium, and there is no arrow indicating the flow direction of the medium on the valve body.
    unidirectional butterfly valves mainly include: double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve.
    The bi-directional pressure-bearing butterfly valves mainly include: concentric butterfly valve.