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    Soft seat gate valve picture

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Soft seal gate valve overview:
    Soft seat gate valve is a common valve in water supply and drainage projects, which is mainly used to connect and cut off the flow of medium in the pipeline. The soft seat gate valve has a very simple structure, consisting of valve seat, valve cover, wedge, gland, stem, handwheel,  gasket, and hexagon socket head bolt. The inside and outside of the valve body of the soft-sealing gate valve is sprayed with electrostatic powder, and after being baked in a high-temperature furnace, the smoothness of the entire runner opening and the wedge-shaped groove inside the gate valve is guaranteed, and the appearance is also bright.

    soft seat gate valves are used in ordinary water supply and drainage pipes, and are generally blue; when used in fire pipes, they will be sprayed red. The soft sealing gate valve has good sealing performance.
    Soft sealing gate valve application:
    Soft sealing gate valves are mainly used in waterworks, sewage pipelines, municipal drainage project, fire pipeline project, and industrial pipelines with slightly with non-corrosive liquids and gas. And it can be customized according to working conditions, such as rising-stem soft seat gate valve, non-rising stem soft seat gate valve, extended-stem soft seat gate valve, buried soft seat gate valve, electric soft seat gate valve, pneumatic soft seat gate valve, etc.
    Advantages of soft sealing gate valve:

    1. The whole soft sealing gate valve is made of ductile iron QT450, and the cost will be lower than  cast steel valve and stainless steel valve. Compared to bulk purchasing for projects, our price is affordable and quality is guaranteed.
    2. The wedge of the soft seat gate valve is lined with rubber, and the interior adopts a wedge structure. Using handwheel to drive the rod down and the elastic gate is pressed down and closed with internal groove . Because the elastic rubber gate can be stretched and squeezed to achieve a good sealing performance.
    3. The soft sealing gate valve has a simple structure design and is easy to disassemble and assemble.  Due to long time service, the rubber will lose its elasticity, resulting in closure lax and valve leakage. At this time, the advantages of the structural design of the soft seat gate valve come out, and the maintenance personnel can directly disassemble and replace the gate without dismantling the entire valve, which not only saves time and effort but also saves manpower and material resources on site.