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    What is the function of the butterfly valve What is the butterfly valve used for

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Q: What is the function of the butterfly valve? What is the butterfly valve used for?
    Bundor valve: Butterfly valve is a general term, also known as flap valve. If it is subdivided down, there are many types of butterfly valves. Different types of butterfly valves have different working conditions and different effects.

    Below we will analyze the function of butterfly valves according to several common types of butterfly valves, soft seal butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, signal butterfly valve, and aluminum alloy butterfly valve.
    Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
    Soft sealing butterfly valve refers to the butterfly valve whose sealing surface is made of rubber or fluoroplastic. This kind of butterfly valve has good sealing performance. Rubber-sealed soft-sealed butterfly valves are mostly used in medium pipelines with weak acid and weak bases such as water, oil, and steam, and are often used in water system projects. Fluoroplastic sealed butterfly valves are used in pipelines with corrosive media, such as the petrochemical industry.
    The disadvantage of soft sealing butterfly valve is that it is not resistant to high temperature and high pressure.
    Hard sealing butterfly valve
    The seal of the hard-sealed butterfly valve is cemented carbide or stainless steel. This kind of butterfly valve can withstand high temperature, high pressure and wear resistance. It can be used in petroleum, metallurgy, coal mining and other industries.
    The disadvantage of hard sealing butterfly valve is that the sealing performance is relatively poor.
    Signal butterfly valve
    The signal butterfly valve is inseparable from the fire protection system. It is mainly installed in buildings and connected to the fire alarm system to provide operation monitoring and alarm signals for the fire protection system. The signal butterfly valve is always open in daily life. It is used to extinguish the fire in the event of a sudden fire. The main function of the signal butterfly valve is to be used for fire alarm.
    Aluminum alloy butterfly valve
    The valve body is made of aluminum alloy butterfly valve, which is suitable for air conditioners and industrial water treatment equipment, and has a strong anti-condensation function. The use of aluminum alloy die-cast valve body can effectively prevent corrosion.