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    Butterfly valve installation direction

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Q: Hello, Bundor Valve, I would like to consult the installation direction of the butterfly valve. Are there any requirements for the installation direction of the butterfly valve?

    Answer: Butterfly valve is divided into two-way sealing butterfly valve and one-way sealing butterfly valve.
    The installation of the two-way sealing butterfly valve generally has no direction requirements. If required, the installation should be correctly identified according to the working principle of the butterfly valve.
    The installation of the one-way sealing butterfly valve has installation requirements. The one-way butterfly valve body will have an arrow marking the direction. During installation, the direction of the arrow should be consistent with the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline.
    In addition, there are some requirements for the installation direction of the butterfly valve:
    On a horizontal pipeline, the direction of the valve stem can be determined in the following order: vertical upward, horizontal, upward inclined 45°; vertical downward is not allowed (that is, it cannot be installed upside down).
    The installation position of the butterfly valve must be convenient for operation, and the operator's operating comfort and safety must be considered. When installing the manual butterfly valve, the handwheel or handle should be aligned with the chest (generally 1.2 meters away from the operating floor), so that it is easier to open and close the butterfly valve. The handwheel or handle of the butterfly valve on the ground should be upward, not inclined. The butterfly valve of the machine against the wall should also leave room for the operator to stand. It is necessary to avoid operation in the sky, especially acid-base, toxic media, etc., otherwise it is very unsafe.