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    How to install the manual wafer butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Manual wafer butterfly valve is the most common type of butterfly valve products. It is widely used in water conservancy projects, power plants, town construction, petrochemical and other fields, in pipelines with weak acid and alkaline media such as water, steam and oil Most common. The importance of manual wafer butterfly valve to the pipeline is self-evident, it is mainly reflected in the truncation of the pipeline circulating medium or the adjustment of the flow rate, to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline and even the safety of the production conditions. So if you want the manual wafer butterfly valve to work normally, in addition to paying attention to maintenance and maintenance during the operation of the butterfly valve, you must make full preparations during installation. This article will introduce you to the manual wafer butterfly valve installation tips .

    Manual wafer butterfly valve installation tips
    1. Storage work before installation: Store the manual wafer butterfly valve in a cool, dry and ventilated environment, and cover the valve to prevent the valve from being contaminated with dust and all debris.
    2. Before the wafer butterfly valve is installed on the pipeline, the pipeline needs to be calibrated, and the positions of the pipes at both ends cannot be deviated. Body strain or rupture.
    3. Before the valve is installed, the valve and all installed pipelines should be cleaned again to ensure that the inside of the valve and the pipeline is completely clean, and no dust is left.
    4. Manual wafer butterfly valve belongs to manual butterfly valve, which requires frequent manual operation. Therefore, there are also requirements for the installation position of the manual butterfly valve. The installation position of the valve must be convenient for personnel to operate and maintain in the future. It has been demonstrated that the best position for manual valve installation is about 1.2 meters from the operating floor. For valves installed outdoors, cover the valve with some covering to prevent bad weather from affecting the valve.
    5. When installing on the pipeline, make sure that the butterfly plate is in a closed state, so as to avoid collision and damage between the butterfly plate and the pipeline flange, which will affect the sealing performance.
    6. After the manual wafer butterfly valve is installed, if there is an opening and closing failure during use, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate the failure. It cannot be forcibly opened and closed by beating, prying or brute force.
    The above is the whole content of the "Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve Installation Method" introduced for you. Here, I would like to remind everyone that after the valve is installed, during the use process, you must do regular maintenance on the valve. , so as to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the valve. If you have purchase requirements for manual wafer butterfly valve, you are welcome to consult the official website of manual wafer butterfly valve manufacturer - "Bundor Valve".