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    Which is more expensive, ball valve or globe valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Which is more expensive, ball valve or globe valve? The editor tells you that this is not easy to compare, because the price of a valve involves various parameter information such as material, manufacturing process, machining accuracy, caliber, pressure, etc. These parameter information will affect the price of the valve. In addition, ball valve and globe valve are two different valve types. For example, it is like buying animals in the pet market. The prices of dogs and cats are different, both expensive and cheap! If you want to know the price of ball valve and globe valve, you can click the website online customer service for consultation. The following introduces you to the ball valve and globe valve.

    The ball valve is evolved from the plug valve. It has the same 90 degree rotation lifting action, the difference is that the cock body is a sphere with a circular through hole or channel through its axis. The ratio of the spherical surface to the channel opening should be such that when the ball rotates 90 degrees, all spherical surfaces should appear at the inlet and outlet, thereby truncating the flow.
    The ball valve can be closed tightly with only a 90-degree rotation operation and a small torque. The completely equal valve body cavity provides a low resistance, straight-through flow path for the medium. It is generally believed that the ball valve is most suitable for direct opening and closing, but recent developments have designed the ball valve so that it can be used for throttling and flow control. The main feature of the ball valve is its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.
    Globe valve, also known as cut-off valve, is the most widely used valve. The reason why it is popular is that the friction between the sealing surfaces is small during the opening and closing process, it is more durable, the opening height is not large, it is easy to manufacture, and it is easy to maintain. Convenient, not only for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure.
    The closing principle of the globe valve is that relying on the pressure of the valve stem, the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat are closely fitted to prevent the flow of the medium.
    The globe valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction, and has directionality during installation. The structural length of the globe valve is longer than that of the gate valve, and at the same time, the fluid resistance is large, and the sealing reliability is not strong during long-term operation.