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    Advantages and disadvantages of gate valve Application field of gate valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    This article will explain the advantages, disadvantages and application fields of gate valves. The gate valve is a valve whose opening and closing parts move along the vertical direction of the axis of the pipeline passage. The opening and closing parts are called gates, which are mainly used to cut off the circulating medium in the pipeline, and can only be fully opened or fully closed. Therefore, the gate valve cannot be used as a regulating valve to adjust the flow. Gate valves of different materials are adapted to different environments and temperatures, but gate valves are generally not used in pipelines that transport mud and other media, because these media contain impurities, which will affect the sealing effect of the gate.

    Advantages of gate valve:
    1. Only fully open and fully closed, when the gate is fully open, the resistance of fluid passing through the valve is small;
    2. The torque required for opening and closing is small and labor-saving;
    3. It can be used in pipelines where the medium flows in both directions, and the flow direction of the medium is not restricted;
    4. Compared with the globe valve, when the gate valve is fully opened, the sealing surface is less eroded and eroded by the fluid medium;
    5. Simple structure, convenient installation and use, good manufacturing process;
    6. The overall structure of the valve is relatively short in length.
    Disadvantages of gate valve:
    1. The overall size and opening height are relatively large, which requires a large installation space;
    2. When the gate is opened and closed, the friction force with the sealing surface of the valve seat is large, which causes certain wear on the sealing surface
    3. Usually gate valves have two sealing surfaces, which are difficult to process and grind, and are also quite troublesome to maintain;
    4. It takes a long time to turn on and off.
    Gate valve application fields:
    1. Oil and natural gas pipelines.
    2. Pipelines and storage equipment for refined oil products.
    3. Oil and natural gas extraction wellhead devices.
    4. City gas pipeline.
    5. Tap water and sewage treatment projects.