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    Gate valve installation direction requirements

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Gate valve installation direction requirements
    The gate valve is one of the common valves, and friends often ask about the installation of the gate valve. In this article,Bundor Valve will introduce the installation direction requirements of the gate valve to you.
    1. The installation of the gate valve should be carried out in accordance with the instruction
    2.  When the gate valve is installed, the distance between the operating mechanism and the operating ground should be about 1.2m, which will be in line with the chest. When this distance exceeds 1.8m, an operating platform should be set up for valves and safety valves that are operated more. For pipelines with many valves, the valves should be concentrated on the platform as much as possible for easy operation.
    For a single valve that exceeds 1.8m and is not frequently operated, equipment such as sprockets, extension rods, movable platforms and movable ladders can be used. When the valve is installed below the operating surface, an extension rod should be set up, and the ground valve should be set with a ground well. For safety reasons, the ground well should be covered.
    1. The installation direction of the gate valve on the horizontal pipeline, the valve stem is preferably vertically upward, and it is not suitable to install the valve stem downward. The valve stem is installed downward, which is inconvenient to operate and maintain, and it is easy to corrode the valve and cause accidents. Do not install the floor valve obliquely, so as to avoid inconvenient operation. The valves on the side-by-side pipelines should have vacancies for operation, maintenance, disassembly and assembly, and the clear distance between the handwheels should not be less than 100mm. If the pipe spacing is narrow, the valves should be staggered.
    2. The correct installation direction of the gate valve should make the internal structure conform to the flow direction of the medium, and the installation form conforms to the valve structure and operation requirements. For the installation direction of the manual gate valve, leave room for operation, and the valve stem should be installed as far as possible upward and perpendicular to the pipeline.
    3.  The gate valve on the pipeline and equipment of the dangerous medium shall not be installed within the height range of the person's head, so as not to hurt the person's head, or directly hurt the person's face due to the leakage of the valve.
    4. The installation of the gate valve is not restricted by the flow direction.