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    Electric butterfly valve working principle diagram

    Posted by Bundor valve
    With the rapid development of China's industrial manufacturing industry, the demand for valves is more and more high, especially the use of electric butterfly valve and electric ball valve, the most prominent in the many valves, belongs to the more common types of pipelines!And electric butterfly valve as a component used to realize the pipeline system on and off and flow control, with excellent quality and performance, so that it is more and more widely used in practical applications!
    Electric butterfly valve
    Electric butterfly valve according to the connection mode is different, generally can be divided into one of the most common electric wafer butterfly valve and the electric flanged butterfly valve, sealing material has soft sealing (atmospheric pressure) and hard seal (high temperature and high pressure), working power supply usually have: AC220V, AC380V, DC24V, the input signal of 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 ~ 10 v and other weak current signal, finally according to the control pattern is divided into external regulation, and switch mode switch type have the effect of switch;Control type is used to regulate the flow, can accurately adjust the flow to the thousandths of a degree, is also a high price of a valve.
    Working principle of electric butterfly valve:
    The electric butterfly valve takes the electric energy as the driving force, drives the valve stem through the electric device, causes the butterfly plate to produce 90° rotary movement and achieves the valve opening and closing, also may receive the industrial automation control system 4~20mA or other signals to precisely control the valve opening, thus achieves the flow, temperature, pressure and other different process parameters adjustment and control.