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    Butterfly valve common faults and elimination methods!

    Posted by Bundor valve

    1. Before installation, please confirm whether the product performance and media flow arrow match the movement conditions, and insert the valve cavity clean, do not allow foreign matter with impurities on the seal ring and the butterfly plate, and never allow it to be closed before cleaning. Disc to avoid damage to the seal.
    2, the disc mounting flange is recommended to use the special flange of the disc valve, that is, HGJ54-91 socket welding steel flange.
    3, installed in the position of the pipeline, the best position is vertical, but can not be flipped.
    4. It is necessary to adjust the flow during use, and there is a worm gear box for control.
    5. Open and close the disc valve with a high number of opening and closing times. Open the worm gear cover for about two months to check if the butter is normal. Keep a proper amount of butter.
    6. Check the compression requirements of each joint, that is, ensure the beeiness of the packing, and ensure the flexible rotation of the valve stem.
    7. The metal sealing butterfly valve product is not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If it must be installed at the end of the pipeline, it is necessary to adopt an outlet flange to prevent the seal from being over-compressed.
    8. The valve stem is installed and used to check the valve usage regularly, and the fault is found to be eliminated in time.

    Possible failure problem

    Reason one: leaking sealing surface
       1. The disc and sealing surface are covered with debris.
       2. the butterfly plate, sealing surface closed position is not correct
       3. the outlet side is equipped with flange bolts with uneven force or not according .
       4. The pressure test direction is not as required .

    Elimination method:
       1. Eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity
       2. Adjust the adjusting screw of the worm gear or electric actuator to achieve the correct valve closing position.
       3. check the fitting flange plane and bolt compression country, should be evenly pressed
       4. Pressing in the direction of the tip seal

    Reason two: the method for eliminating leakage at both ends of the valve
       1. The seal gaskets on both sides are invalid.
       2. the pipe flange tension is uneven or not pressed
       3. the seal ring upper and lower seal gasket failure

    Elimination method:
       1. replace the gasket
       2. press the flange bolt (even force)
       3. Remove the pressure ring of the valve, replace the sealing ring, and replace the gasket.