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    How to select butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve

    The butterfly valve (also known as the flap valve) has a simple structure to switch the control medium in the low-pressure pipeline. The application of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is usually to cut off and regulate the flow of the medium. The butterfly valve is mostly used for gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting, etc. Corrosive pipes, so the butterfly valve needs more attention when it is selected.

    butterfly valve

    The butterfly valve selection principle is as follows:
    1. Since the butterfly valve has a relatively large pressure loss relative to the gate valve, it is suitable for piping systems where the pressure loss is not critical.
    2, because the butterfly valve can be adjusted by flow, it is suitable for use in the pipeline that needs to adjust the flow.
    3. Due to the structure of the butterfly valve and the limitation of the sealing material, it is not suitable for high temperature and high pressure piping systems. The general working temperature is below 300 °C, and the nominal pressure is below PN40.
    4, because the butterfly valve structure length is relatively short, and can be made into a large diameter, so in the case of short structural length requirements or large diameter valves (such as DN1000 or above), butterfly valves should be used.
    5. Since the butterfly valve can be opened or closed only by rotating 90°, the butterfly valve should be used when the opening and closing requirements are fast.

    The butterfly valve is used for the flow regulation of the medium. The pressure loss in the pipeline is more than three times that of the gate valve. Therefore, the Bundor valve manufacturer tells you to consider the influence of pressure loss first when selecting the butterfly valve.

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