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    Motorized Knife Gate Valve1
    Motorized Knife Gate Valve2
    Motorized Knife Gate Valve1 Motorized Knife Gate Valve2

    Motorized Knife Gate Valve

    【Size Range】: DN50-DN300

    【Pressure】: PN10

    【Body Materials】: DI/WCB/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M

    【Seat Materials】: Rubber/Stainless Steel/Hard Alloy/PTFE

    【Disc Materials】: WCB/201/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M

    【Stem Materials】: 2Cr13/304


    Medium used: Molasses, pulp, sewage, coal pulp, ash, slag water mixture.
    Suitable temperature:0℃~80℃
    Application field:Chemistry, water treatment, coal power plants, food, paper, petroleum.


    Product advantages:
    1. Precision casting valve body, fine appearance, no trachoma.
    2. Valve wedge is burnished smoothly 3 times and polished 5 times to ensure the sealing porformance.
    3. Valve stem is equipped with bearing to reduce friction.
    4. Rubber coated PTFE packing seal, which can increase the elasticity and reduce the leakage of upper seal.
    5. U-shaped sealing ring of the seat to ensure the strong conbation between valve seat and body.
    6. Each valve will be tested shell and sealing pressure before leaving factory.
    7. 250 μm epoxy coating, it can effectively prevent corrosion and rust.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  8. The protection level of electric actuator is IP67.


    electric knife gate valve
    Optional 1 2 3 7 11
    Body Seat Wedge Stem Actuator
    DI/WCB/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M Rubber/Stainless Steel/Hard Alloy/PTFE WCB/201/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M 2Cr13/304 Handwheel/Gear/Motorized/Pneumatic
    Name Design and manufacture Face to face Length Pressure Test  End Flange 
    Reference Standard JB/T 8691-2013
    MSS SP-81
    GB/T 12221-2005
    MSS SP-81
    GB/T 13927-2008 GB/T 9113-2010
    DIN EN 1092-1
    ASME B16.5
    Name 1-Body 2-Seat 3-Wedge 8-Stem 10-Actuator
    Material WCB EPDM SS304 SS420 Electric
    Size   PN10 PN16 150LB
    DN NPS(inch) L D1 N-M Z-φd D1 N-M Z-φd D1 N-UNC Z-φd
    50  2'' 48 125 2-M16 2-φ18 125 2-M16 2-φ18 120.7 2-UNC5/8-11 2-φ19
    65  2  1/2'' 48 145 2-M16 2-φ18 145 2-M16 2-φ18 139.7 2-UNC5/8-11 2-φ19
    80  3'' 51 160 2-M16 6-φ18 160 2-M16 6-φ18 152.4 2-UNC5/8-11 2-φ19
    100  4'' 51 180 2-M16 6-φ18 180 2-M16 6-φ18 190.5 2-UNC5/8-11 6-φ19
    125  5'' 57 210 2-M16 6-φ18 210 2-M16 6-φ18 215.9 2-UNC3/4-10 6-φ22
    150  6'' 57 240 2-M20 6-φ22 240 2-M20 6-φ22 241.3 2-UNC3/4-10 6-φ22
    200  8'' 70 295 2-M20 6-φ22 295 4-M20 8-φ22 298.5 2-UNC3/4-10 6-φ22
    250  10'' 70 350 4-M20 8-φ22 355 4-M24 8-φ26 362 4-UNC7/8-9 8-φ25
    300  12'' 76 400 4-M20 8-φ22 410 4-M24 8-φ26 431.8 4-UNC7/8-9 8-φ25


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