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    Industrial water supply system valve selection

    Posted by Bundor valve

    The choice of valve in the pipeline is the most important thing, the choice of safety, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing reliability, easy to operate the valve is the first consideration of the pipe network laid in the future.

    Factory water supply design projects, more complex, mainly divided into multiple areas: production area, dormitory area, office area. Therefore, the following issues should be fully considered in the selection of water supply scheme:

    1. The water supply range of the factory is large, the water intake points are scattered, and the water consumption time periods are relatively concentrated, and the water consumption in peak periods is large. (some production enterprises must not cut off water in the production process)

    2. Some factories have higher requirements on water quality and need to use water treatment system, which is mainly used for sand removal and iron and manganese removal.

    3. The opening and closing of the valve should be easy to operate, and the operation failure should be reflected quickly and intuitively, so as to facilitate quick repair by maintenance personnel.

    Based on these three problems, the choice of a suitable valve for future maintenance is very important. Bundor valve provides you with safe and reliable industrial water system valve solutions.