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    Bundor Valve is 27 years old, and we are striving together!

    Posted by Bundor valve
     On August 5,1994,Bundor Valve was established. Today is Bundor Valve’s 27th birthday. Twenty-seven years of trials and hardships, Bundor has never stopped struggling!
    August 5, 1994 Bundor Valve was established.
    January 1, 2008 Bundor Valve transformed from store operation to corporate office.
    In 2009 , the International Trade Department of Bundor Valves was established, and the Domestic Trade E-commerce Department was established.
    January 1, 2008 The Tianjin plant of Bundor Valve was established, and the first channel gate valve was exported to Armenia.
    In 2012 ,Bundor Valve has successfully developed a "multi-standard universal" butterfly valve and obtained a patent.
    In 2015 , Bundor Valve obtained ISO series certification, participated in the Milan Expo, and was interviewed by many media including People's Daily Online.
    In 2016 ,Bundor Valve has passed TS, CE, CUTR certification.
    In 2017 ,Bundor was upgraded to a non-regional enterprise—Bundor Valve Technology Co., Ltd., and its registered capital increased to 102.3 million yuan.
    In 2017 ,Bundor Valve was invited to participate in the Astana World Expo and won the gold medal.
    In 2018 ,Bundor Valve has obtained CCCF national compulsory product certification for fire protection products.
    In 2019 , Bundor Valve was rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Tianjin Municipal High-tech Enterprise", "Tianjin Young Eagle Enterprise".

    In 2020 , Bundor Valve helps fight the epidemic, donating funds and materials to 16 regions and units, a total of 560,600 yuan.
    In 2020 , Bundor Valve’s open agency policy has successfully signed 14 domestic and foreign agents.
    In 2020 , Bundor Valve has obtained the certification of American Petroleum Institute API-609 and American Petroleum Institute API-6D.
    In 2020 ,Bundor Valve took the lead in formulating the mechanical industry standard "Signal Butterfly Valve", and participated in the drafting of "Industrial Valve Fugitive Test", "General Valve Stainless Steel Casting Technical Conditions", "Iron and Copper Threaded Valves", "Industrial Valve Pressure Test"."Four standards, also the deputy editor of "Practical Valve Design Manual (Fourth Edition)".
    In 2021 , Bundor Valve obtained the certification of the integration of two industrialization management system.
    At the end of July 2021 ,The sudden flood disaster in Henan affects the hearts of all the Bundors...
    We decided to do something meaningful together for Bundor Valve’s 27th birthday!Xia Xuchao, general manager of Bundor Valve, took the lead in the "Flood Fighting and Disaster Relief Love Donations" activity, donating all the materials needed by the villagers, and helping the reconstruction after the disaster.
    A group of people, one mind, take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, Bundor Valve is 27 years old, and we are striving together!