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    Valves are commonly used in petrochemical industries

    Posted by Bundor valve

    1.Gasification and product cooling: feed gasification and product quenching zone is composed of formaldehyde feed buffer tank, feed flash tank, washing water stripping tower, quench tower, water stripping tower, etc.
    Optional valve: Hard seal gate valve, cast steel check valve, hard seal ball valve, low temperature gate valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, low temperature globe valve, forged steel gate valve, pneumatic ball valve.

    2.Catalytic reaction and regeneration system: under the action of high temperature and catalyst, the cracking reaction of large hydrocarbon occurs, and the regeneration system catalyst reactivates at high temperature.In this system, the main problem that the valve needs customer service is that the catalyst particles are extremely hard, fast in pipeline pressure, and easy to wear off the sealing surface.
    Optional valve: Hard seal gate valve, cast steel check valve, hard seal ball valve, globe valve.

    3.Circulating water system: the function of circulating water system is to send the cooling water to the high and low pressure condenser to cool the exhaust of the low pressure cylinder of the steam turbine.
    Optional valve: Pneumatic butterfly valves, ductile iron gate valves, worm gear wafer butterfly valves, soft seal ball valves.

    4.Fire water system: the medium of chemical plant is flammable and explosive. Due to the fire, it is cheaper for the valve product to compare with the valve in the device area on the material, but the performance requirements also do not allow the occurrence of internal leakage and external leakage.
    Optional valve: PTFE lined butterfly valves, soft seal gate valve, worm gear wafer butterfly valves, diaphragm valves.