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    A Saudi company purchase Bundor marine worm gear butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A company in Asia purchases Bundor marine worm gear butterfly valve
    Customer Name: A company in Asia
    Buy Valve: Bundor Marine Worm Gear Butterfly Valve
    Customer demand: High quality marine Butterfly valve

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from a certain country in Asia. It is a trading company. It has its own store in the local area. It specializes in various valve fittings and hardware products. In order to stock up, customers will purchase valves and hardware pipe fittings from all over the world, and they also represent many brands, and the business is very good.
    A local customer of the trading company needs to purchase a batch of worm gear butterfly valves for marine use. The products are required to have beautiful appearance and good quality. The customer hope the trading company help purchase worm gear butterfly valve products that meet the requirements.
    The customer found Bundor Valve through Internet search. After communication, the customer believed that Bundor Valve worm gear butterfly valve products met their purchasing requirements, so they purchased more than 60 pieces worm gear butterfly valves from Bundor.
    After the customer inspected the goods, they believed that the worm gear butterfly valve products of Bundor Valves were worthy of the name and very good. Through this cooperation, the customer learned that Bundor Valve is recruiting agents around the world, and actively communicated with Bundor business personnel to understand the relevant matters of the agency, hoping to become the agent of Bundor Valve.