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    A Korean company purchases Bundor grooved butterfly valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project Name: Purchase of Bundor Grooved Butterfly Valve by an Asian Enterprise
    Customer name: an Asian company
    Buy Valve: Bundor Grooved Butterfly Valve
    Customer demand: for fire engineering

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from a country in Asia, and is a company that undertakes fire protection projects. This time,The customer wants to find a long-term cooperative valve manufacturer.
    The customer is engaged in fire engineering business in a country in Asia. The demand for grooved butterfly valves is relatively large in the project. Therefore, he wants to find a valve manufacturer for cooperation and long-term purchase of grooved butterfly valves and other required valve products. The customer found Bundor Valves through Google search, and after browsing the official website of Bundor Valves, he had a preliminary understanding of Bundor Valves, and then contacted the staff of Bundor Valves International Trade Department.
    After communication, in order to have a deeper understanding of Bundor products and service quality, the customer first purchased a small batch of grooved butterfly valves from Bundor, and wanted to further understand the quality and product details of Bundor products through physical objects.
    After receiving the Bundor grooved butterfly valve, the customer said that the quality of the Bundor grooved butterfly valve is very good, far exceeding their expectations. The customer also told Bundor Valve that if there is an opportunity, he will personally visit the factory of Bundor Valve in China to discuss matters related to long-term cooperation, and that he will consider becoming Bundor's agent in his own country. Bundor warmly welcomes the arrival of customers and looks forward to more in-depth cooperation and exchanges between the two parties!