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    Bundor Extended Stem Double Flange Butterfly Valve Exported to Malaysia

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: An engineering company in Southeast Asia purchases Bundor extended stem double flange butterfly valve products
    Client name: An engineering company in Southeast Asia
    Buy Valve: Bender Extended Stem Double Flange Butterfly Valve
    Customer demand: oil company

    Engineering Content:
    The client is from Southeast Asia and is a large-scale project engineering company. The company needs to purchase a batch of extended stem double flange butterfly valves to supply local oil companies.
    Oil company engineering safety is very important, so customers have very high quality requirements for butterfly valves. Cooperative manufacturers must have relevant certifications, complete qualifications, good product quality, and guaranteed after-sales. Bundor has always paid attention to product quality, focusing on high-quality valve products, and Bundor has API-6D certification and API-609 certification of the American Petroleum Institute. After communication and confirmation, customers believe that Bundor meets their own standards in all aspects and requirements.
    After that, the customer and Bundor also reached an agreement on the product price and delivery time, and the customer gave the order to Bundor with great confidence.
    Within the specified delivery time, the customer receives Bundor's extended stem double flange butterfly valves. Customers expressed their satisfaction with the products and expressed their willingness to maintain long-term cooperation with Bundor.