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    An Australian company purchased Bundor lug butterfly valves and butterfly check valves

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A company in Australia purchases Bundor lug butterfly valve and butterfly check valve
    Customer Name: A company in Australia
    Buy Valves: Bundor Lug Butterfly Valves and Butterfly Check Valves
    Customer demand: Use of water treatment projects

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from Australia and is a large-scale water treatment company. It often purchases valve products from all over the world for water treatment projects.
    The customer found Bundor Valves through the Internet to consult the lug butterfly valve and butterfly check valve. The customer purchased the valve this time mainly for his own use, so he paid more attention to the delivery time and quality of the product. In terms of product selection, the customer has communicated with Bundor for many times, and finally determined the product model and reached an agreement on the price. I am very satisfied with the cooperation process. Ultimately, the customer purchased the required lug butterfly valve and butterfly check valve from Bundor Valves.
    According to customer feedback, the purchased lug butterfly valve and butterfly check valve have been installed and put into use.