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    A company in Malaysia purchasing Bundor pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valve

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: Bundor pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valve purchased from a chemical project of a company in Southeast Asia
    Customer Name: A company in Southeast Asia
    Buy Valve: Bundor Pneumatic Fluorine Lined Ball Valve
    Customer requirements: for chemical projects

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from a country in Southeast Asia, a company engaged in engineering projects, and needs to purchase a batch of pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valves to supply local chemical projects.
    The customer is an engineering company, bidding for a local chemical project, and found Bundor Valve and consulted Pneumatic Fluorine-Lined Ball Valve to participate in the bidding. Finally, with its own strong strength, the customer successfully obtained this chemical project and purchased the required ball valve products from Bundor.
    Through this first successful cooperation, the two parties have established a good cooperative relationship, and customers will basically purchase the valve products they need from Bundor every month.
    Customers said that their end customers are very assured of the product quality of Bundor Valve, and hope to maintain cooperation with Bundor Valve all the time.