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    Danish company purchases Bundor butterfly valves, brass ball valves and brass gate valves

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A European company purchases Bundor wafer butterfly valve, brass ball valves and brass gate valves.
    Customer name: a European company
    Buy Valves: Bundor Wafer Butterfly Valve, brass ball valves and brass gate valves
    Customer needs: supply to local shipyards

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is a trading company from Europe. It mainly supplies local shipyards, shipping industry, fishing and municipal drinking water projects, and has very high quality requirements for valve products.
    Customers found Bundor Valves from the Internet, and by browsing the official website of Bundor Valves, they had a preliminary understanding of Bundor Valves, and then communicated with the personnel of Bundor International Trade Department. The customer said that the valve to be purchased this time is for the local shipyard, and the medium to be passed is seawater, so there are specific requirements for the purchased valve. The butterfly valve needs ductile iron valve body, aluminum bronze butterfly valve, ball valve and gate valve. All threaded, copper material.
    After receiving the customer's demand, the staff of Bundor International Trade Department actively communicated with the factory on the one hand, and on the other hand, made a quotation for the customer, and introduced the production scale and service commitment of Bundor in detail to the customer. In the end, Bundor reached a cooperation with the customer and purchased the required valves from Bundor.
    After customers received the valve products, they were full of praise for the appearance and quality of the products, and put the valve products of Bundor on their own website for publicity.