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    A company in the Middle East purchased Bundor ductile iron gate valves and filters

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A project in the Middle East uses Bundor ductile iron gate valve and filter
    Customer name: a company in the Middle East
    Buy Valves: Ductile Iron Gate Valves and Filters
    Customer demand: fire engineering

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is an engineering company from the Middle East and is an old customer of Bundor Valves. It has maintained a cooperative relationship with Bundor Valves for many years and is very recognized for Bundor Valves.
    The valve products imported by customers from Bundor will be sold to local users in addition to the engineering use undertaken by themselves.
    This time, the customer's fire protection project needs to purchase a batch of valves, including soft-sealed gate valves made of ductile iron and Y-type filters. After receiving the customer's order, Bundor Valve responded quickly and efficiently communicated with the customer about specific matters. The two parties soon reached a cooperation, and Bundor delivered the valve to the customer within the agreed time.
    Customers said that they have cooperated with Bundor for many years, and they are very recognized for Bundor's valve products, and will continue to cooperate with Bundor in the future.