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    A trading company in Southeast Asia importing Bundor rubber joints

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A trading company in Southeast Asia purchasing Bundor rubber flexible joints
    Customer name: a trading company in Southeast Asia
    Buy Valve: Bundor Rubber flexible joint
    Customer requirements: Engineering installation

    Engineering Introduction:
    The customer, a trading company in Southeast Asia wants to purchase rubber joints for its own users for engineering installation.
    The customer has cooperated with Bundor Valve before and purchased Bundor double-ball rubber joint and three-ball rubber joint. The end customer said that the product is of good quality and look good.
    This time, the customer needs to purchase a batch of large-diameter double-ball rubber joints and three-ball rubber joints. Due to cooperate with Bundor before, the customer has a good impression of Bundor, so the customer choose Bundor again. After the customer take many times of communications with the personnel of Bundor International's channel department, the parameter information of the product and the delivery date of the goods were determined, and the customer placed a purchase order.
    After receiving the goods, the customer was still very satisfied with Bundor products and expressed that he would continue to cooperate with Bundor.