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    Bundor ductile iron gate valve and stainless steel ball valve exported to South Africa

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A project in South Africa uses Bundor Ductile Iron gate valve and Stainless Steel Ball Valve
    Customer name: South African customer
    Purchase Valves: Bundor Ductile Iron Gate Valves and Stainless Steel Ball Valves
    Customer requirements: engineering installation and use

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from South Africa, and mainly undertakes various engineering projects. There are two purposes for purchasing valves. One is to install and use the project, and the another is to stock up in case of emergency.
    The customer found the official website of Bundor Valve through the Internet and got in touch with the Bundor valve business personnel. In the process of communication, South African customers said that the engineering projects they undertake have relatively high requirements on valve quality, and they hope to purchase high-quality valve products, which is in line with the high-quality positioning of Bundor valve products.
    After the Bundor sales staff reported the price for the customer, the customer indicated that the price was within their acceptable range. In order to allow the customer to understand and trust Bundor more comprehensively, the Bundor sales staff showed the customer the relevant qualification certificates of Bundor, VR link to visit the factory online, engineering cases and other information, the customer said that Bundor is a very professional valve manufacturer.
    In the end, the South African customer purchased the required ductile iron gate valve and stainless steel ball valve from Bundor, and the two parties successfully completed the cooperation.