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    Bundor Handle Wafer Butterfly Valve Exported to UAE

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A company in Asia purchases Bundor handle wafer butterfly valve products
    Customer Name: A company in Asia
    Buy Valve: Bundor Handle Wafer Butterfly Valve
    Customer demand: sold with the pump

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from a certain country in Asia, and we represent many well-known pump brands, mainly serving local customers.
    Users who purchase pump products often also need to use valve products. In order to serve customers more conveniently, the company often imports valve products from all over the world and sells them together with pumps.
    The company wants to further develop the valve market and has been looking for suitable valve manufacturers to cooperate with. The customer found BundorValves through the Internet, and after communicating with the personnel of Bundor International Trade Department, they developed a strong interest in Bundor, and came to Tianjin, China, to conduct an on-site inspection of Bundo rvalve factory, and Bundor reception staff were the customers. Introduced the corporate culture and factory production of Bundor, and the customer believed that Bundor Valve was a powerful valve manufacturer and was very satisfied.
    During the inspection period, the client and his party lost their mobile phone accidentally in the hotel they stayed in. Bundors sales staff enthusiastically assisted the client and finally helped the client retrieve the mobile phone.
    After returning to China, the customer contacted us again and proposed to purchase a handle wafer butterfly valve made of ductile iron. After confirming the freight and delivery issues, the two parties successfully reached a cooperation.