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    Bundor brass ball valve and filter exported to Vietnam

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project Name: Procurement of Bender Threaded Brass Ball Valves and Filter Products from a Shipyard in Southeast Asia
    Customer name: a shipyard in Southeast Asia
    Buy Valves: Bundor Threaded Brass Ball Valves and Brass Ball Valve Filters
    Customer requirements: use of internal pipes in the cabin

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is from a shipyard in Southeast Asia. Various valves need to be used in the internal pipes of the cabin, some of which have passed through the water and through the air. Therefore, the customer needs to import the corresponding valve products.
    Customers need to purchase threaded copper ball valves and filters, so they contacted Bundor Valves. Out of  a Bundor ance of caution, the customer wants to purchase two samples first to check the quality of the product.
    The sales staff of Bundor International Channel Department introduced the advantages of Bundor products to customers in detail, and answered many technical questions for customers during the communication. In order to further dispel the concerns of customers, Bundor's sales staff showed Bundor's engineering cases and various qualification certificates to customers to show that Bundor is a formal and professional water system valve manufacturer with complete qualifications and reliable products.
    In addition, Bundor business personnel have repeatedly communicated with customers, and based on the principle of thinking about customers, they help customers select models, and suggest customers to place orders directly. It is not cost-effective to purchase only a few samples, and analyze them in detail for customers. Pros and cons.
    In the end, after the customer considered it, out of trust in Bundor, he accepted the advice of Bundor's sales staff and purchased the required threaded brass ball valve and filter directly from Bundor.
    After receiving the goods, the customer feedback said that the product quality of Bundor valve is good and flawless, and they are very satisfied.