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    Bundor Wafer Butterfly Valve Products Exported to Malaysia

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project Name: Bundor Wafer Butterfly Valve Used in Refinery Project of a Company in Southeast Asia
    Customer Name: A company in Southeast Asia
    Purchased Valve: Wafer Butterfly Valve, Slotted Glass Plate
    Customer requirements: supply for refinery projects

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is a valve distributor in Southeast Asia, mainly supplying valves for local factory projects.
    Customers have cooperated with Bundor Valves before, and they recognized the quality of Bundor Valves products. In this cooperation, the customer purchased wafer butterfly valve and slotted glass plate from Bundor.
    The customer needs to supply the local oil refinery, and the oil refinery needs not only the valve, but also a batch of grooved glass plates, hoping that the distributor can provide it together.
    The customer looked for a number of valve suppliers, hoping that the manufacturer could help to purchase grooved glass plates while providing valves, but many suppliers could not meet the customer's requirement.
    The customer also put forward the requirements of the attached glass plate to the Bundor valve business personnel. After actively communicating and coordinating with the manufacturer, the Bundor business personnel expressed that they could meet the customer's requirements. Knowing that Bundor valves can meet their needs, the customer signed an order contract with Bundor without the least hesitation. Ultimately, the customer purchased the wafer butterfly valve and slotted glass plate from Bundor Valves.