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    Bundor large diameter DN800 soft sealing butterfly valve exported to South Africa

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: South African meat processing plant purchases BundorDN800 soft sealing butterfly valve for factory equipment renovation
    Customer name: a factory in South Africa
    Buy Valve: Bundor DN800 Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
    Customer requirements: install and use in your own factory

    Engineering Content:
    A meat processing plant in South Africa needs to purchase DN800 valves for equipment renovation and upgrading. Since the customer does not know much about valves, the customer wants to find a professional valve manufacturer in the world to help him select models and purchase valve products from this manufacturer.
    The customer searched for Bundor Valves on the Internet, so they got in touch with Bundor Valves and put forward their own needs. The personnel of Bundor International Channel Department provided professional services for customers.
    The personnel of the international channel department of Bundor Valves understood the customer's operating conditions, valve configuration requirements and other information, helped the customer to select the valve type, and finally determined that the valve is a DN800 soft-sealed butterfly valve, and provided the customer with valve drawings.
    After sufficient communication, the customer recognized the professionalism of Bundor Valves. In the end, the customer chose to cooperate with Bundor and purchased large-diameter DN800 soft-sealed butterfly valves from Bundor.
    Professional service comes from confidence in our own valve products. BundorValves is a high-quality water system valve supplier. You are welcome to inquire!