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    Bundor Center Line Wafer Soft Seal Butterfly Valve Exported to Poland

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: Central European customer purchases Bundor mid-line wafer soft sealing butterfly valve
    Customer Name: Central European Customer
    Buy Valve:Bundor Centerline Wafer Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
    Customer demand: store stocking sales

    Engineering Content:
    The customers are from countries in Central Europe, and they have opened a store selling valves locally. They often import high-quality valve products from all over the world to serve the different needs of local customers.
    The customer has always wanted to find a valve manufacturer with cost-effective products to cooperate with, but has not found a suitable one. A business partner of the customer purchased a batch of valve products from Bundor, and thought that the quality, appearance and price of Bundor's valve products were very good. After learning that the customer was a common cooperative manufacturer, he strongly recommended Bundor for the customer. Valve, and showed him the products of Bundor, the customer thought that Bundor's products were really good, so they contacted Bundor Valves.
    The personnel of the international channel department of Bundor Valves warmly received the customers. After introducing the Bundor mid-line wafer soft-sealed butterfly valve products to the customers in detail, the customers believed that the multi-standard valve bodies and high-elastic rubber valve seats of Bundor butterfly valves were all very good. In line with their own needs, after negotiating the price and delivery time, the two parties successfully reached a cooperation. The customer purchased a large number of midline wafer soft sealing butterfly valves from Bundor.