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    A European company purchases the soft-seal gate valve of Bundor for government projects

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A European company purchases the soft seal gate valve of Bundor for government projects

    Customer Name: A company in Europe

    Buy valve: soft seal gate valve

    Customer demand: purchase a batch of high-quality valves for government projects

    The customer comes from a European country and is a valve trading company, mainly providing valves for local projects.

    The customer undertook a local government engineering project and needed to purchase a batch of the soft seal gate valve. Since the government's projects have high requirements for valve quality, customers pay special attention to the quality of the soft seal gate valve when selecting suppliers.

    After the customer communicated with the salesman, he fully understood Bundor's basic information and product positioning, and recognized the quality control of Bundor's products. After that, the two parties went through many technical communication and exchanges, and the customer finally decided to cooperate with Bundor Valve and purchased a batch of soft-seal gate valves made of ductile iron from Bundor.

    After the customer received the soft-seal gate valve, he was very satisfied with the product and believed that the staff of Bundor were very professional and looked forward to more cooperation opportunities with Bundor Valve.