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    A company in Asia purchases the butterfly valve, rubber joint and other products

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A company in East Asia purchases the butterfly valve, rubber joint and other products

    Customer Name: A company in East Asia

    Purchase valves: Bundor Butterfly valve, rubber joint, etc.

    Customer demand: supporting equipment

    Engineering Content:

    The customer is from an Asian country. When the customer has valve requirements, his company will purchase valves from outside to match its own hydraulic equipment.

    Because it is to be supplied with its own equipment, the customer has very strict requirements on the appearance and quality of the valve, otherwise it will affect the customer's own equipment sales.

    Customers have cooperated with Bundor for many times, and are very satisfied with the appearance and quality of Bundor’s valve productions. Basically, they will purchase a batch of valves from Bundor every quarter.

    This time, the customer purchased the butterfly valve and rubber joint products from Bundor. Customers believe that Bundor Valve's products can meet their expectations in terms of appearance and quality.

    The customer has cooperated with Bundor many times, and every time the valve customers purchased are very satisfied, they think the quality of the valve is very good, and the after-sales service is also in place. The customer said that they will continue to cooperate with Bundor in the future.