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    A Southeast Asian company purchases wafer butterfly valves and knife gate valves of Bundor

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project name: A company in Southeast Asia purchases Bundor wafer butterfly valves and knife gate valves

    Customer Name: A company in Southeast Asia

    Buying valves: wafer butterfly valves and knife gate valves

    Customer demand: used for dust removal system

    Engineering Content:

    The client is an engineering company in Southeast Asia, which mainly undertakes various engineering projects. The industries involved include mining, chemical plants, pipeline dust removal system engineering, etc. The company often uses valves as pipe fittings. In order to ensure the quality of the project, customers have higher requirements for valve quality.

    Before this cooperation, the customer had already cooperated with Bundor. They purchased a batch of butterfly valves from Bundor. After they were installed and put into use, their customer feedback was very good. Therefore, when the customer needs the corresponding wafer butterfly valves and knife gate valves for the dust removal system of a certain project, he did not hesitate to choose the Bundor Valve again.

    Because of the good impression brought about by the first cooperation, the customer placed an order again after simply communicating with the staff of the Bundor International Trade Department and clarifying the needs.

    After receiving wafer butterfly valves and knife gate valves, the customer reported that the quality of the products purchased for the second time was as good as before. The products have been put into use smoothly and will continue to cooperate with Bundor Valve in the future.